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Vicki Rude
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As an ISMA member, you have the added advantage of having your present business insurance coverage reviewed at any time by one of our professional advisors at the ISMA Insurance Agency. We will take the time to painstakingly study the amount you now pay for the coverage you currently receive and compare it to what our experience tells us is the best fit for your practice! Our reviews cover the following areas: liability, property, auto and workers' compensation.

Once coverage requirements are established, your ISMA advisor will negotiate for your practice to obtain the best possible premium. In many cases this process has resulted in up to 40% discounts for members!

How is that possible, you may be asking? In a word: experience!

We have insured medical practices for over 30 years, so we're very familiar with the unique issues that you need to address on a consistent basis. This may not only result in lowering your overhead and saving you time, but can also provide the ongoing expertise your practice manager may require during the current climate of constant change!

A review of your present coverage can be performed quickly and efficiently with little or no interruption to your practice.


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