ISMA-sponsored Anthem Medical Plans

The Affordable Care Act changed the way premiums are set for most group health insurance plans, by limiting the range of premiums based on age, and by basing rates on the entire pool’s health risk rather than on specific group’s health risks, which is known as community rating. This resulted in premium reductions for some employer groups with older employees and higher claims, and in premium increases for some employer groups with younger employees and lower claims. Medical practices that are at least partly owned by physicians who are members of Indiana State Medical Association (ISMA) are eligible for ISMA-sponsored health insurance through Anthem. This association program is still able to set premiums to some extent based on each specific group’s health risks, meaning that groups with low expected claims qualify for lower than standard premiums. Choose from a set of PPO plans featuring copay benefits for office visits, urgent care, emergency room and prescription drugs. Or from a set of PPO plans without copay benefits that are compatible with a Health Savings Account (HSA), and enjoy the tax benefits of an HSA. Physicians can participate in one plan option while employees participate in another.  See the brochure for more details.

The doctors you want

Because Anthem has the largest provider network with the most highly rated health professionals in Indiana, your employees are likely to find their current doctors are in-network, providing peace of mind and continuity in care, saving them money – and time.

Find a Doctor in Indiana

Anthem lets you choose from an expansive network of quality doctors and hospitals that are close to where you live in Indiana. Use Anthem’s Find a Doctor tool to pull that information quickly.

Optional Dental Plan

Employer groups that purchase ISMA-sponsored Anthem health insurance are also eligible for an optional Anthem Dental Plan.  Designed to provide the entire group with dental insurance, this plan can also be set up as a physician-only benefit. Use Anthem’s Find a Doctor tool to find a dentist in the Anthem Dental network to maximize your benefits.

 Optional Term Life Insurance Plan

Employer groups that purchase ISMA-sponsored Anthem health insurance are also eligible for an optional Anthem Term Life Insurance Plan that also includes AD&D benefits and a dependent life benefit.

Other Group Health Insurance Options

Community-rated plans may be a better fit for some groups. ISMA Insurance Agency also offers such plans through Anthem Small Group, and can facilitate quotes from United Healthcare.


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