SuperHERO Accident-Only
Insurance Policy
(with optional sickness rider)

  • Provides hospitalization benefits including:
    – Hospital Admission benefit of $800 per admission
    – Hospital Confinement benefit of $200 per day for life
    – Intensive Care benefit of $200 per day up to 30 days
  • Provides outpatient benefits including:
    – Emergency Room benefit of $100 (one visit per accident)
    – Fracture benefit of $1,000 per major fracture per accident; $250 per minor fracture
    – Concussion benefit of $100 per accident
    – Outpatient surgery benefit of $1,000 per major surgery per accident; $250 for minor surgery
    – Medical appliance benefit of $100 per accident
    – Physical therapy benefit of $25 per visit; up to 10 visits per accident
  • Accidental Death benefits up to $100,000, Dismemberment benefit up to $25,000
  • Family lodging benefit of $100 per day per accident up to 30 days
  • Ambulance benefit of $100 ground/$500 air
  • Health screening benefit of $50 for one visit per policy year
  • Family Coverage available
  • Available to part-time employees (minimum 20 hrs/week)
  • Sickness coverage is also available with the optional rider. Provides two benefit plans. Rider does not pay a wellness benefit, fracture or concussion benefits, nor are Accidental Death or Dismemberment benefits applicable

All benefits are portable. Products are guaranteed renewable and Issue Ages are 18-64, unless noted otherwise. Product availability, features, options and benefit amounts may vary by state. See actual policy for specific benefit information, including any exceptions and limitations.

For more information or to request a brochure, please contact:

Devan Twibell
(317) 704-8313